Efficient landuse
is just smarter.

A breakdown of your farm’s land resources
is critical to efficient farm performance.

What we do for you.

Groundstock offers independent technical land assessment and strategies for farmers, regional councils and industry bodies for smarter landuse.

Accurate resource information is critical to the efficient performance of land-based agriculture, enhancing both financial and environmental performance. Smart farmers understand the strengths and weaknesses of their land resources and make them work for them, creating a resilient farm system that thrives in the good years and survives in the tough years.

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Groundstock are industry leaders in farm mapping, using the most advanced mobile mapping technology to deliver effective land management solutions.

Accredited Nutrient Management Plan Provider

Groundstock is ADVSNM (Advanced Sustainable Nutrient Management) accredited, so can complete Nutrient Management Plans under regional council regulations.

“Completing a farm environment management plan for their regional council hasn’t been the hassle a Central Hawke’s Bay farming couple expected”… read the full NZ Farmer article here.